MODEL A. Assessment.

5 Revolutionary Performance Applications

In a Single All-In-One Product.

Most advanced football development system.

Player assessments are graded providing everything a player needs to know to become a successful footballer.


Elite and Premier Levels


To Youth and Grassroots levels.

Coach • Director • Scout

National Association • Organisation

Club • University • College • School • Development Centre

Player Assessment

Improve Player Education

with engaging assessments.

Intuitive Development.

4 Corner Long Term Player Development Model

Player Assessments are comprehensively graded across 65 different soccer specific skills. Outlined from the industry standard 4 Corner Long Term Player Development Model; the Technical / Tactical, Psychological, Physical and Social modules.

Position Intelligence Ratings

Effortlessly guide position expertise, using exclusive PSDSystem Position Intelligence technology.

The beauty of the PSDSystem is that it applies advanced mathematical algorithms and soccer metrics to calculate a position specific a score out of 100, but in a user friendly way that everyone understands, for every playing position, from Sweeper through to Striker.
Position Intelligence Ratings are calculated from current skill level scores in player assessments. Each position in soccer has specific skills required to produce optimum performance.

PSD Assessment Method

An objective method brought to a traditionally subjective evaluation.

To complete a Player Assessment, players are scored out of 100 for each skill.

Standardised Skill Level Scores.

Assess by skill using a simple key to value performance level.


Standardised Assessment Environment.

Assess player performance level in opposed situations or with pressure.

Standardised Assessment.

Assess specific skills and their definition of what that skill is.

Player Assessment Chart

Stunning Bar Chart Visuals.

Quickly and easily navigate, identify and interpret skill strengths and skill development needs.

Ball Mastery Videos

Accelerated skill development away from the coaching environment for players using our challenging and fun ball mastery videos.

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Commercial and Education Licence

Semi Professional Club, Amateur Club, Development Centre, School, College, University, Soccer Camp.
  • Package options Per Player or Per Team
  • PSDSystem
  • Consultation
  •  Account Manager
  •  Presentation and Tutorial
  • Custom Player Assessment, Age Group Templates
  •  iSoccer Skill Development Videos
  • Paid Annually

Elite Licence

Elite National Organisation, Elite Club, Professional Club, Semi Professional Club.
  • Package Options, Custom made to order
  • PSDSystem
  • Consultation
  • Custom Philosophy Player Ratings Design
  • Custom Position Specific Player Ratings Design
  • Custom Player Assessment Phase Templates
  • Performance Data Player Assessment – PSDSystem Integration
  • Video Analysis Player Assessment – PSDSystem Integration
  • Scouting and Recruitment Player Assessment – PSDSystem Integration
  • Fully Customised Network Coverage, Service and Support
  •  Automated Administration Setup
  •  Custom Organisation/Club Interface Design and Report
  • Video Upload Facilities
  • Paid Annually

All Sports Licence

Hockey, Basketball, Netball, Rugby. Other sports please enquire.
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Buy PSDSystem Grassroots Annual Licence

Grassroots Coach, Grassroots Club or Organisation

1 - 10 Teams

  • PSDSystem
  • Club Setup and Support
  • iSoccer Player Skill Development Videos
  • Paid Annually
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11 - 20 Teams

  • PSDSystem
  • Club Setup and Support
  • iSoccer Player Skill Development Videos
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20 + Teams

  • PSDSystem
  • Club Setup and Support
  • iSoccer Player Skill Development Videos
  • Paid Annually
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Buy PSDSystem Grassroots Pro Service Pack with Annual Licence

Grassroots Coach, Grassroots Club or Organisation

Grassroots Pro Service Pack

  • PSDSystem
  • Club Setup and Support
  • iSoccer Player Skill Development Videos
  • Grassroots Pro Service Pack
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  • Book a PSD Club Seminar
  • PSDSystem Player Development Presentation and tutorial for all your club coaching needs.
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